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Name:Marika Kato
Location:Sea of the Morning Star
Marika Kato is a normal high school girl on Sea of the Morning Star.

Off planet, well, her Mom has a history and her father has a starship.

Let's do some piracy!

Marika is fairly tall for her age and still growing, with strawberry blonde/pink hair and light skin.
He skills include, vacsuit training, basic weapons handling (energy and projectile), unarmed self defense training, zero-gravity maneuvering and handling small, single person space craft.

OOC: The mun may be reached at nocarename(at)gmail(dot)com during periods when chat is not being used.

Disclaimer: Marika Kato is from Bodacious Space Pirates, and is the property of YĆ«ichi Sasamoto, Statelight and probably one or two others. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Interests (5):

bentenmaru, improvised space guns, letter of marque, not quite kirk, piracy
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